Cynthia is the Founder of Reclaim Your Dreams Academy, where she teaches women the mindset, tools, and strategies they need to execute on their biggest dreams.

As an Empowerment Coach, Lucumi Priestess of Obatala, Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, Mindful Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, and Therapist, Cynthia is a unique and powerful coach that guides and mentors her clients to reclaim their greatness, face their fears, and become unapologetic about their deepest desires.

Since she started her business in 2011, Cynthia has helped thousands of women gain the clarity, mindset, and skills they need to create lives that feel dynamic, joyful, prosperous, and purpose-driven. After working with Cynthia, her clients have executed and manifested life-long dreams that have included becoming entrepreneurs, published writers, and finding their soulmates.

One of the many unique qualities of Cynthia’s coaching includes looking at the real systemic barriers that have made access and opportunity harder for some than others. Cynthia does not skirt around or ever diminish those barriers that are not just about your belief systems but also include how the systems we live in were created to give a lot to a few and very little to the masses. Her work with clients looks at the historical framework of oppressive systems while simultaneously helping you to heal and liberate yourself from those systems.

Cynthia likes to say, “I’m on a mission to make sure we all get the opportunity to live our dream life. I don’t believe in prosperity for a few, while so many others are suffering. I’m fierce and unapologetic about making sure my clients get to heal from the trauma of oppression and injustice so that they can feel happy and whole. It’s so important to me that my clients feel validated in what they‘ve experienced, while also making sure they have the tools and skills they need to really bring their dreams to fruition.”

Cynthia is a powerful and inspirational speaker and has been featured in numerous media outlets including NBC Latino, NBC Visiones, Latina Magazine, Women’s Day, Cosmopolitan for Latinas, LatinTrends Magazine, Vista Magazine, VOXXI, and the NASW. She received her Master of Social Work degree from Fordham University and her B.A. from Hamilton College.