The most harmful mistake coaches & therapists are making with BIPOC!

I recently enrolled a few new clients into #reclaimyourdreamsacademy and repeatedly I heard the same story. Women ready to move on their dreams had experienced severe harm and injury from coaches and therapists that were supposed to be helping and serving!

These women told me that they reached out to me because they heard that I don't shy away from conversations and issues surrounding race, culture. or any other form of oppression. That in fact, I address these issues head-on in my work with women because systemic barriers are very real, and you can't think positive and wish them away. 

One new client after another shared that they tried going to a coach or therapist before, but whenever they felt the need to process an experience around their race or culture they did not feel supported or heard. Even worse, they often felt shut down. 

This repeated story being told by my new clients along with the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton has me fired up. 

And while I've promised to bring you inspirational information, I'm not going to pretend like the world around us isn't a disturbing mess. Our country and many other parts of the world are in dire need of a way to start addressing racism beyond superficial comments and questions that don't get to the heart of the matter.

This nation and many other parts of the world are suffering from current-day problems that originated in white supremacy ideology and racism. It's not just the hate groups or the extremists out there that are the problem. It's an entire ideology and a belief that 'whiteness' is superior. And until people really start looking at how this belief system and ideology impacts everything from how we view ourselves to our actions and behaviors, we will not be able to just think positive and forge forward. 

While this is essential for the planet, this should be a matter or urgency for any coach or therapist that works with BIPOC. Because until you understand the history and systems that have impacted people of color, until you understand how your privilege and role may be imposing your “help and support”, until you take a hard look at your own bias and prejudice, you may in fact cause more harm than good.

Nowadays, there are tons of resources out there to educate us regarding issues of race and systemic oppression, so I've created a list for you. Because not knowing is no longer an acceptable excuse, and as Robin Di'Angelo says, "niceness is not anti-racism."

Here is a list of great reads to further educate yourself on this topic: