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So how do you build a life you're excited to live?


Get the Private and Confidential Guidance You Need to Change Your Life


You’re tired of dragging yourself through life. You know you were meant for more. You’re ready to make big changes, uncover your bigger purpose, and have a fulfilling, joyful life. Together, with my powerful guidance towards transformation and your willingness to do your inner work, you can begin your journey to break old patterns, free yourself from anxiety and depression, and start taking action towards your aspirations and goals. 


Learn to take the concrete steps you need to create a new paradigm from which to view yourself–one that can spark positive change not only at the individual level, but for your community and the world at large. 

Here are some of the outcomes you can expect from our work together:

  • Learn to tap into your  strengths and cultural assets

  • Create a refreshed vision for your life, with a step-by-step strategy to bring it to fruition

  • Understand the historical and institutional context that may be keeping you from achieving what you desire

  • Learn to access ancestral wisdom and guidance 

  • Clarify difficult feelings, eliminate confusion and build your confidence

  • Release yourself from old patterns and habits that are keeping you stuck

  • Learn how to make your desires happen with clarity and intention

  • Live a life you design


You’re Ready To Attract The Great Love Of Your Life


You want a loving and committed relationship and you’re confused about why it’s just not happening. You have a pattern in your dating life that you can’t seem to break. Without realizing it, you may be holding on to past trauma that is keeping you from attracting the type of partner you want. Or when you get into a dating situation or relationship you sabotage it because you get too anxious, too needy, and too enmeshed too quickly. 


Well, it’s time to heal from past relationships and trauma and allow yourself the opportunity to have the love you deserve for yourself and with a partner. 

Here are some of the outcomes you can expect from our work together:

  • Learn to heal your trauma so you can stop sabotaging your relationships

  • Free yourself from dating from an anxious place and from creating unhealthy patterns when you date

  • Learn concrete strategies for how to manage your anxiety, feelings, and emotions and get yourself off of the emotional dating rollercoaster

  • Build your relationship with yourself so that you become more confident as you date

  • Sharpen your intuition and belief in your ability to choose the right partner

  • Learn to open your heart so that you can create true intimacy that is needed for a healthy, loving relationship


It’s Time To Create and Design Your Dream Business & Life

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You are the type of person that cares deeply about others and the world we live in. You feel called to be a part of some bigger movement that is helping to transform people’s lives and the world around you. You long to be your own boss and to make your living supporting others and helping others change their lives. 

Get all the tools and coaching you need to build a successful, socially conscious, spiritually-driven business that allows you to get paid well for doing meaningful work that you love. This program was created for those that feel called in service to healing work such as therapists, new coaches, reiki practitioners, healers, and wellness practitioners.


During this program, you will learn how to design your dream business so that you can fulfill your calling, create financial freedom, and do good in the world.  

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