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It's not that complicated

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Life Coaching, Healing, Empowerment

In all my years of working with women, I've noticed that we tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. This is not a judgment! Notice that I wrote, "we." ⁠

It's an observation that has come from working with all types of women from all walks of life over the course of many years. I was once a sufferer of this malady myself.⁠

And, yes, men can also suffer from the same malady, but, I think the socialization process for women reaps this idea of complication for us.⁠

We're taught to put so many of our desires behind everyone else's that we don't even know how to find the answers to our own questions sometimes.⁠

This is one of the first things I start teaching my clients - how to comb through the complexity and confusion down to the truth of what they desire.⁠

When my clients say things like "I don't know." I gently push back. The answer is in there. You just need to hear it and stop telling yourself "you don't know." ⁠


I go on:⁠

Women are the most magical intuitive creatures walking the planet. Do not keep telling yourself that you don't know. You're just reinforcing the confusion. ⁠

Close your eyes and ask yourself that question again. Don't overthink it. Just listen to what comes to you. What is the first answer you get?"⁠

⁠And then her eyes open with a look of ⁠knowing and recognition. ⁠

"Aww," I say, you did have the answer.⁠

This is what the work can be like. ⁠

It's not that you're broken or deficient. Your knowing needs to be called forth by someone that knows exactly who you are and what you're capable of. ⁠

I won't let you forget who you truly are, you Magical Woman!⁠

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