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My great grandfather called me from heaven!

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

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As many of you know I often talk about my connection to my Ancestors and how I credit them for helping me become more confident and more joyful in my identity.

So, last month when I traveled to Puerto Rico, I visited Toa Alta, the town where one of my great grandfathers was born.

It's a tranquil little town that's centered around Parroquia San Fernando Rey, a church which dates back to 1752. The town has a few nicknames including La Cuna de Los Poetas (The Cradle of Poets).

While I never had a chance to meet this great grandfather, I felt very close to him traveling the streets where he once walked and played. I imagined that he must have found joy growing up in a community that was known for producing great writers like Pablo Morales Cabrera, who wrote a book about the great indigenous culture of the Tainos of Puerto Rico.

Connecting my feet to the ground where my great grandfather walked infused me with the continuous pride I feel in who I am and who I come from.

I'm looking forward to returning to Puerto Rico again in the next few months, where I'll be going to look at some possible future retreat locations.

If you're interested in joining me and the #reclaimyourdreams community of amazing women in Puerto Rico, make sure to stay in touch through my newsletter and social media. Once everything has been confirmed I'll be sending out tons of information on how you can join me on the enchanted land of my Ancestors, La Isla del Encanto.


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