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This is the best year to manifest your dreams

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

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This is the year when you get to re-connect back to your biggest desires and dreams and experience the joy of manifesting those desires and dreams into your current reality.

And not just because I say so either.

In fact, from a spiritual and metaphysical level, the numerological energy of 2020 is a Universal energy that will impact all of us in a good way as our collective consciousness continues to align back to our true divine nature with Spirit.

What this means for you is that 2020 is the year when the energetic field of great opportunity is wide open for your deepest and greatest dreams to get manifested into the physical realm.

This can be your year for groundbreaking change if you choose to let go of the old, allow yourself to heal old wounds, and embrace the new.

As for me, I've declared 2020 as my year of BOLD ADVENTURE.

I don't want to play it safe! I'm not interested in other people's opinions.

I want to play full out hard in every way. I want to bring spontaneity, joy, and exploration into every aspect of my life.

Because my hardest lesson in 2019 was that I forgot how to play.

I got so caught up in the numbers game of running my business that I lost sight of the most important part of my business - the TRANSFORMATION, HEALING, and HAPPINESS that so many of my clients experience from working with me.

I got so swept up in this society's determination of what a "successful business" should look like that I lost my joy and started measuring myself against the wrong things.

I lost sight of my own teaching:

The Universe Has Your How! Just Stay Connected to Your Why!

Thankfully, as usual, Spirit tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me of the TRUTH.

My success is not measured by external markers but by how well I'm living my life, how happy I feel, and how connected and aligned I am.

So, what will you declare for yourself this year?

Drop me a note and let me know.

Remember, make it magical, make it joyful, take inspired action, and let Mama Universe take care of the rest!

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