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Which one will you be?

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

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I grew up in a home where domestic violence reined. As you might imagine, this was not an ideal childhood. For many years into my early adulthood, I was easily angered by the thoughts that accompanied the deep sense of injustice I felt witnessing my mother’s abuse, and, I felt victimized by the situation.

It’s true. We were all victims of my stepfather’s pathology. But, as I matured I also realized something else. I did not need to keep taking on the narrative of victimhood as an adult woman, not when I was now in a position to choose my own course.

Instead, what I experienced in that household became part of my story of rising up and overcoming oppression. I became the heroine of my journey and no longer allowed that part of my life to only be told from the perspective of victim.

Yes, it all happened, and, no, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. But here’s the question. Would I be who I am today if I hadn’t grown up under those conditions, if I hadn’t witnessed the victimization of others at such a young age? I don’t hold the answer to that question, but, I know that I am proud of who I am today and what I stand for.

That experience made me a committed believer and a staunch advocate for my rights and the rights of others to live a life free of any form of oppression. It made me a Warrioress, a Badass, a Goddess, a Queen, a Medicine Woman on a mission to heal the wounds and trauma of oppression and create a more just world. Those childhood experiences made me insistent that we all have the right to lives that are joyful, meaningful, and fulfilling. Those terrible experiences made me unstoppable in my quest to create access and opportunity for all people to live their best life.

Telling your story is just one of the many ways you get to resist the dominant culture and any notions it may hold of its superiority or your inferiority. Through your narrative you get to put forth your point-of-view. When you change how you view the stories of your life, you get to decide the outcome.

Will you be the Wild Woman Goddess that overcomes her challenges? Will you be the Magical Queen that learned how to lead herself and her community to a better way of life? Will you be the Healer, who spread her message of love and justice to heal herself and others?

Which one will you be? I’d love to know.

Always standing with you and for you!


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