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You're being called to awaken and become anti-racist!

Updated: Aug 7, 2021


Self-development includes racial consciousness and sensitivity. This part of your awakening cannot just be an intellectual exercise that you compartmentalize and pick up at your convenience. It requires you to feel and reconnect to your soul, your Higher Power, and the messiness of your humanity.

Like all the other transformational work in your life, you become better by starting with your inner work. By challenging your socialization and core beliefs. By honestly looking at what you’ve been taught and how you can neutralize and transform your current perception.

Becoming racially conscious is not different from any other awakening you’ve experienced. It will probably be painful. You will be forced to hold up a mirror and ask yourself the hard questions. You’ll fall and have to pick yourself back up. You’ll make mistakes along the way, and you need to know that progress is better than trying to be perfect.

BIPOC have been pleading for you to get this for a very long time. For centuries we have been asking you to see our humanity and to treat us with dignity and respect.

You say you want to be a part of the solution. You say you want this system that has been brutally unjust and unfair to Black People, Indigenous People, and People Of Color since Europeans started colonizing the world to end. Then start by examining your privilege in this system you have been benefiting from, for so long.

Listen and HEAR what we have to say without defending your positions, without shutting down in shame and guilt. Stop hijacking the conversation with your tears and your fears. Stop telling us you see all humans the same and that you’re not racist.

Of course, you are racist. Of course, you don’t see us all the same. You were socialized to see yourselves as superior, just as we were socialized to see ourselves as inferior.

Generation after generation of your Ancestors taught you to be afraid of us, to be terrified by our men, and to view our women like your servants and maids. Centuries of white supremacy socialization flow through your DNA just like centuries of racial trauma flow through ours.

Until you do your inner work and stand up for change in a real way nothing will change. We will be right back here once again in a few more years.

If you are not willing to do the work, then stop taking our money. Stop doing more damage and harm and then turn it around on us when we call you out. Enough excuses. Enough deflection. Enough mishandling of our open hearts that come to you seeking to grow, hoping, praying, that you will somehow be different than our last experience.

If you are not willing to take any risks to become anti-racist then you are being hypocritical every time you coach or encourage one of your clients to go take risks to live their best lives.

You claim you believe in God’s will. How has God not challenged you to examine your racial lens? We are ALL God’s children.

You claim you believe in the Universe and in synchronicity and the power of relationships, yet every time one of us calls you forth to grow in this area you IGNORE our requests and even our pleas.

We are tired. We are exhausted by the tiny cuts of every day living and the outright murder and abuse of our people.

One post is not enough. One donation is not enough.

Having a friend, boyfriend, husband, partner or black children is not enough if you are not willing to put yourself on the line in your white circles.

If you are not willing to confront your internal racism then you’re not doing enough.

If you’re not willing to give up your unearned privileges to level the playing field, then you’re not doing enough.

How many more of us have to sacrifice our bodies for you to WAKE UP and DO YOUR WORK?

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