Unlock Your Divine Feminine Power And Be Free To Be Your Most Authentic Amazing Self

This Workshop Is Right For You If:

  • You are interested in self-development but have found yourself frustrated in self-development spaces that never address systemic oppression, power, privilege, and race
  • You are craving to be in a space where you can speak freely about your experiences as a woman of color 
  • You are interested in learning ways to create more self-love and authenticity in your life
  • You have dreams and goals that feel like they are much harder to achieve because of systemic oppression and barriers and access to resources
  • You would like to develop a community with like-minded women that support each other's growth and progress
  • You would like to create daily rituals and find ways to deepen your spirituality without feeling overcome by religious dogma

After all, no matter how you cut it, being a woman of color makes your challenges in the world quite different and unique because racism is a real thing that impacts your life. So ignoring it and not addressing how it impacts you negates your experience.

And, while so many coaches, therapists, and self-development teachers address your beliefs and how those beliefs may be holding you back, few, if any, address the real systemic barriers that have been built into every system within this country to keep women of color from advancing with the same swiftness of our counterparts. 

You see, what you will not experience this weekend is a blatant disregard of oppression and racism as though it doesn’t exist. Instead, we’ll address this barrier head-on so that you can learn how to break through it, get past it, glide over it, and not let it stop you from getting what you want out of life.

And, you will do this weekend by:

  • learning to re-claim your greatness as a woman of color
  • celebrating and exploring the full-range of what it means to hold your feminine power
  • going on an internal journey through meditation practices that allow you to sit with yourself to really know who you are and what you are capable of creating
  • by learning to differentiate when it's time to be in your feminine energy and when it's time to go into action with your masculine energy
  • eliminating procrastination from your life
  • creating a clear vision of what you want for your life in 2018
  • by learning how to become solid and uncompromising with your goals
  • discovering new tools to gain greater authentic confidence, quiet your mind, and use your divine feminine energy for inner peace
  • fostering your relationship with your Higher Self and the Universe to eliminate fear and worry

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