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2023 Sacred Healers Retreat

Condado, Puerto Rico 
Mid-January 2023

A Healing, Culturally Immersive Experience for Women who are Healers, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs that are READY to LIVE and WORK with GREATER JOY!


A Joyous, Culturally Immersive Experience for Women who are Healers, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs that are READY to LIVE with GREATER JOY!

Tap into Powerful, Life-Changing Ancestral Practices of Joy that will amplify your life and help you expand your business vision!

Embrace your truest, most authentic self as an agent of change.

You know you should have more joy in your life, but:

  • You feel anxious, sometimes without knowing why you feel that way

  • You have some big aspirations but feel blocked because you worry about what others will think

  • You wish you could find more motivation and energy to work on the things that matter most to you in your life, work, and business

  • You struggle with creating supportive structures in your life that would help you feel better and get more accomplished

  • You wish you could feel freer in your body and more confident to really go for your biggest dreams

  • You compare yourself to others even though you know it’s not good for you

  • You find yourself more isolated, sometimes lonely because you have been changing and the people around you don't get you

  • You feel overwhelmed by all of the things you see happening in our world

Well, my dear. Guess what. You're not alone!

The things that are happening in your daily life and in the world can feel daunting. We are facing new challenges every single day as healers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. We are living in a time that has so many uncertainties. We’re living with a pandemic that feels like it will never end, a planet whose climate is becoming increasingly volatile, and a world full of pain, violence, and suffering.

So the problem isn’t you. 

Even though some people will tell you that you should focus on you and your family and not worry about what’s happening in the world. 

But that’s impossible for someone like you that is so naturally empathic. You’ve probably even been told that you’re overly sensitive because you feel so much.

The solution isn’t about toning down or becoming apathetic.

The solution can’t be found in drinking or distractions.

The solution won’t be found in trying to get others to see what you see.

Buckling down and getting more disciplined is not the solution either.

Alleviating all of these  issues and creating a better life for yourself and those around you requires you to tap deeply into your joy!

j2j day 3-098.jpg

YES, you heard me correctly!

The way we can have the greatest impact in changing our lives and helping to change the craziness on this planet is by tapping back into one of our greatest assets - JOY! 

The truth is that your empathy as a Healer, Leader, or Mission-Driven Entrepreneur makes you poised to be in a position to support the very change we need in this world. You, my dear, and YOUR JOY are what the world needs more of. 

But then you must be wondering, how can you possibly live joyfully when you are also struggling with your daily challenges and watching what looks like a world that is falling apart.

I know because I was once there asking those same questions.

Start living life more fully, with greater Energy and Ease!

You can achieve more of what you desire for your life and your work and have a greater impact in the world when you are operating from the powerful energy of joy.

So, now imagine yourself this way

  • GROUNDED and clear about who you are

  • CONFIDENT because you’re living authentically

  • FREE from comparing your life and yourself to others

  • HAPPY to start each day because you love yourself and your life 

  • INSPIRED to take action on your dream projects and plans 

  • IGNITED to your true inner power

  • CONNECTED to a community tribe of other inspiring, empathic, ambitious women


Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to get at the Journey of Joy Retreat in mid-January 2023 on the beautiful, tropical, and magical island of Puerto Rico.

What You Can Expect During Our Time Together

  • Community Soiree - connect with conscious, compassionate women that care deeply about the world and believe in giving back as much as you do

  • Two Full Days of Experiential and Transformative Workshops - on-site at the Marriott

  • Two Full Days of Cultural Excursions - experience the vibrant culture of Puerto Rico through ecotourism alternatives that protect the beauty of natural resources on the Island

  • Service Project - give back by providing a few hours of service to one of the island's important cultural locations

  • Bomba Workshop - experience and learn about the significance of one of the island's oldest musical dance traditions

  • Exercises that help you connect more deeply with your inner voice and increase access to your inner divine knowing

  • Activities that allow you to readily access the ancient wisdom of your Ancestors

  • Explore Nature and learn practices that help you re-establish and build a meaningful relationship with Mother Earth and our planet

  • Transportation will be provided by Dream Makers for your cultural excursion & service day

  • Soiree Dinner & Closing Dinner Celebration

  • Light beverages & snacks provided during onsite workshop days

  • Swag Bags full of useful and memorable goodies


The Sacred Healers Retreat will take place in Condado, San Juan

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's Included?
    All Cuban-Style - Accommodations All Fresh Daily Meals Daily Ancestral Workshops and Motivational Yoga Sessions All Cultural Excursions and Activities Airport transfers & Ground transport *NOTE: Above items are included for specified tour dates, ONLY. You can arrange can arrange add-on activities, accommodations and transport with our partner retreat company Reroot Travel for an additional cost should you decide to extend your stay. Otherwise, us nor Reroot is not responsible for costs incurred when a traveler arrives before or departs after the tour. Please note that itinerary and activities are subject to change.
  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    Yes! Our partner retreat company, Reroot Travel, does offer payment plans to those interested. All information on potential payment plan options will be sent after your deposit is received. Please note: Reroot requires all tours fees to be paid in full 60 days prior to the start of the trip. Therefore, if you register the month of your trip, payment plans are no longer offered.
  • Is This Retreat A Fit For You?
    This retreat is for anyone that: wants to explore her own relationship to her Ancestors as a tool for healing, motivation, and accomplishing one's desires wants to explore her relationship with her Ancestoral lineage and learn how to use that relationship as a source of healing, growth, inner power, and greater joy wants to tap more deeply into her own spirituality - meaning her personal relationship and connection to Spirit - to enhance every aspect of her life is excited to connect more deeply with nature and wants to explore or understand how we can have a meaningful relationship with nature and Mother Earth envisions a world that can be better and wants to consciously participate in making it better through her daily actions and practices is looking forward to an experience that enriches and supports her spirit, body, and mind wants to have a historical understanding of the lands she visits and honor the original people of those lands believes in giving back and honoring the places that she visits This Retreat Is Not A Fit For You if: If you are someone that has strong religious beliefs that exclude your participation in the consideration of broader forms of spirituality. One of the ways we will be exploring joy is by tapping into practices that relate to Indigenous and West African cultural worldviews prior to colonization. If you are averse to this type of learning and exploration then this retreat is not a fit for you. This retreat is not meant to convert anybody to any type of religion or spiritual practice. Your Facilitator will simply be exposing you to practices, concepts, and worldviews that were deeply transformative and healing for her and which have allowed her to become more joyful and confident, and gave her the clarity to stand in her truth, heal trauma including intergenerational trauma, overcome numerous fears, and build a thriving business that she loves. These tools, strategies, and techniques are meant to support you in tapping into your truths so that you can live with greater joy and authenticity in your life and in your work and business. You are meant to take what you learn on this retreat and adapt the tools and practices in ways that feel honoring and healing for you. This is an Experiential Group Retreat Please be aware that you will be interacting with other women, participating in experiential exercises and interactive activities. Therefore, you must be willing to engage with other participants. You all will be sharing an experience together, so if you don't like group work this retreat is not a fit for you.
  • We believe in Giving Back and Reaching Back!
    A percentage of our proceeds will be used to provide donations to the local Cuban people. We are committed to consciously participate in economically beneficial practices and ecotourism for our host communities. Therefore, we take great efforts to ensure that we outsource all services to local vendors. In our commitment to access and equity, we will also determine the use of a percentage of our proceeds to provide scholarships for women that would not otherwise have financial access to this retreat.
  • Preparing for Your Trip
    On average, the weather in Cuba is high 84° / 74° low. The island truly has some of the most glorious weather in the world. Plan your usual tropical and fun outfits. Please make sure to bring a sweater or light jacket for potentially cooler evenings. Please make sure to also pack the following: Proof of Vaccination Face Mask Hand Sanitizer Sneakers & outdoor activity clothing for our cultural excursions Outfits for dinners Comfortable workout clothing for morning meditation and Yoga Clothing that you feel great wearing! We are inviting you into an experience that is meant to elevate you into the highest and most authentic expression of who you are. Let your clothing, your hair, your jewelry, and adornment represent all of who you are. We will add additional recommendations pre-trip.
  • When should I fly in?
    We advise that everyone aim to arrive in Cuba by midday on Day 1 of the retreat (April 6th). All relevant guidance on booking flights will be sent upon booking.
  • How do I get from the airport to the accommodations?
    Our retreat team will pick you up from the airport, and is available via Whatsapp*. We will ask for your travel itinerary in advance to keep track of delays. Group transportation is only available on the specified start and end dates of the retreat. You are responsible for your own airport transfer if you arrive early or later than the retreat dates of April 6th - 13th. *Please note: You will need to download Whatsapp prior to boarding your flight, as wifi or data may not be available post-landing.
  • How much cash should I bring?
    All activities, meals, and in-country transportation described in the itinerary is included in your retreat cost. Additional spending money is required for nights out and potentially cab fare home, cocktails and any additional spending. We suggest each person bring roughly $100 USD per day especially if you plan to purchase souvenirs. *Please note: There is NO banking relationship between the U.S. and Cuba, and you will NOT be able to use your ATM card. Our retreat team will facilitate the exchange of USD to local currency upon your arrival to Cuba.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    Deposits are non-refundable. Our partner retreat company, Reroot Travel, does not return processing or transaction fees for payment (e.g. PayPal fees). However, Reroot Travel does offer ONE opportunity to transfer any monies paid to another tour/retreat within the same calendar year. Should you request a refund, the non-refundable deposit + transaction fees are withheld. For the remainder of any money paid, Reroot’s cancellation policy is as follows: >90 days Prior to Tour Date – 100% Refund 89 – 60 days Prior to Tour Date – 50% Refund 59 – 30 days Prior to Tour Date – 25% Refund If the cancellation notice is received less than 30 days prior to departure, no refund will be issued.
  • I have a disability, is this retreat right for me?
    We make every effort to accommodate each guest based on their specific needs. There is diversity in disability, and we encourage each person to email us ( or directly to make sure we can make the appropriate accommodations.
  • Are these tours safe for women, people of color, LGBTQ+, etc.?
    Our retreat team, Reroot Travel, is trained to be supportive, inclusive, and accommodating to all travelers, and they’ve had travelers come from all backgrounds. Reroot Travel only works in countries with inclusive laws regarding sexuality, race and gender. That said, the tours intermix with a living, breathing society, and we cannot control every interaction.
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