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2023 Sacred Healers Retreat

Condado, Puerto Rico 
Mid-January 2023

A Healing, Culturally Immersive Experience for Women who are Healers, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs that are READY to LIVE and WORK with GREATER JOY!


A Joyous, Culturally Immersive Experience for Women who are Healers, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs that are READY to LIVE with GREATER JOY!

Tap into Powerful, Life-Changing Ancestral Practices of Joy that will amplify your life and help you expand your business vision!

Embrace your truest, most authentic self as an agent of change.

You know you should have more joy in your life, but:

  • You feel anxious, sometimes without knowing why you feel that way

  • You have some big aspirations but feel blocked because you worry about what others will think

  • You wish you could find more motivation and energy to work on the things that matter most to you in your life, work, and business

  • You struggle with creating supportive structures in your life that would help you feel better and get more accomplished

  • You wish you could feel freer in your body and more confident to really go for your biggest dreams

  • You compare yourself to others even though you know it’s not good for you

  • You find yourself more isolated, sometimes lonely because you have been changing and the people around you don't get you

  • You feel overwhelmed by all of the things you see happening in our world

Well, my dear. Guess what. You're not alone!

The things that are happening in your daily life and in the world can feel daunting. We are facing new challenges every single day as healers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. We are living in a time that has so many uncertainties. We’re living with a pandemic that feels like it will never end, a planet whose climate is becoming increasingly volatile, and a world full of pain, violence, and suffering.

So the problem isn’t you. 

Even though some people will tell you that you should focus on you and your family and not worry about what’s happening in the world. 

But that’s impossible for someone like you that is so naturally empathic. You’ve probably even been told that you’re overly sensitive because you feel so much.

The solution isn’t about toning down or becoming apathetic.

The solution can’t be found in drinking or distractions.

The solution won’t be found in trying to get others to see what you see.

Buckling down and getting more disciplined is not the solution either.

Alleviating all of these  issues and creating a better life for yourself and those around you requires you to tap deeply into your joy!

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