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Nothing brings me more pleasure than to guide and support my clients on their road to transformation. Together we can help you discover, clarify, and fulfill your purpose for a truly happy life... the life you desire. 

- Cynthia Santiago-Borbón


Alyssa Santos Photo.png

Alyssa Santos

"I am endlessly grateful for Cynthia's guidance. I could never have predicted how this year would unfold and without her, I might not have found the courage or the focus to make moves toward my life's desires during such an unpredictable and chaotic time for so many of us. Not only did she give me the tangible tools to create my own business, she also helped me uncover the gifts I have to offer and unpack harmful patterns that enabled me to stand in my own way for so long. I also appreciate her awareness of how internalized oppression operates and I've been able to begin healing and liberating myself from mental and emotional blocks that I didn't even realize were there. With Cynthia's support, I now feel more confident in my truth than ever and empowered to build with purpose. So thankful that she has been a part of my journey!"

Beatriz Reynoso De La Cruz .jpg

Beatriz Reynoso De La Cruz

"Working with Cynthia has changed my life for the better! Before we started working together, I was healing from a nasty break-up which revealed many underlying issues related to my self-confidence and life purpose. I felt lost and I needed help from a trusted professional. Shortly after, I met Cynthia through what can only be described as Divine intervention. I had finally found a therapist whose mission I resonated with - empowering women to reclaim their lives and follow their dreams. It was a perfect match!


Cynthia listens to me without judgment and has provided me with concrete tools to manage my stress and anxiety. She has also helped me get clear on what I desire for my life. In just a short amount of time, I've discovered my dream career and have taken steps to prepare for it; I've met a man who loves me, supports me, and makes me happy; and I'm the most confident I have ever been. I couldn’t have done it without Cynthia’s guidance."

Chelsea Sims.jpeg

Chelsea Sims

"I just want to thank Cynthia for everything she has done for me. Every session I came out even stronger than before. Thank you for allowing me to see that the woman I’ve always wanted to be was hidden behind fear and anxiety. That my past will be a part of my story, but will never be the whole story. I will always cherish the love that I received every minute that I sat in your chair. I was able to come in completely vulnerable and lay everything on the table. I will never forget all the emotional talks that started with tears, but ended with laughter. My time with you is something I will never forget. Thank you for everything, but most importantly, thank you for showing me how AMAZING I am. Something that I doubtfully whispered to myself in the past, but now scream to the rooftop. This I owe all to you."

Christopher Akpobiyeri Photo.jpg

Christopher Akpobiyeri

"I LOVE working with Cynthia! She is such a compassionate and open listener who provides the encouragement and support I need in my journey of wellness! Our work is dynamic and multifaceted, providing therapeutic work for optimal mental health but the life coaching tools needed to help me develop as a successful professional and human being. She has the PERFECT balance between supporting and pushing me to be the best version of myself and I'm truly grateful for what she's provided. Her guidance feels very tailored towards what works for me because she takes the time to get to ME as a person and works off my energy to propel my growth. Certain aspects of better branding myself and stepping out of my comfort zone would have never happened if it wasn't for her! Cynthia's the BEST!!!"  

Cindy Aguilar.jpeg

Cindy Aguilar

"Cynthia is nothing short of amazing. As I write this, I only think about her conviction, the strength in her purpose and how a beautifully sincere and empowering woman she is. I think about how I want that for me in my own way and how she is empowering me to achieve it for myself. I value every session with Cynthia because she inspires me to soar and she provides a space where she lets me simply be. Thank you for pushing me when I need it and believing in me completely. Thank you for telling me time and time again that I have the power to manifest and create the life I want. Other people’s reality does not have to be mine. Thank you for truly seeing me and hearing me." 

Emily Ho Photo.jpg

"Cynthia has been an incredible guide to my journey. She has been helping me discover a deeper understanding of my strengths and how they play a role in working towards my goals. She always brings her supportive and compassionate nature, even while we push through the challenging moments. I've also really valued her ability to connect childhood experiences and cultural identity into the fabric of our work together and I feel like I learn something new every session!" 

Emily Ho

Gildy Lopez.JPG

"Navigating uncharted waters of life can be overwhelming. That is why I am so happy to have Cynthia as my guide. Cynthia is down to earth and loving, she listens to all my shenanigans big and small and helps me peel the onion of emotions to get down to the root of my troubles. Cynthia is an amazing soul, she connects with me like a sister, inspires me to tune in to the goddess in me and reminds me to never be afraid of the power and beauty I possess.... she is my confidant and spiritual guide. Whom I highly recommend help you face your demons whether they be big or small."

Gildy Lopez

Jessica Rios-Flores.JPG

"Cynthia has been supportive and fierce! With only just a few months working together, Cynthia has helped me to heal past wounds, eliminate limiting beliefs, stand up more powerfully for myself, and clarify my goals. Through my work with Cynthia, I was also able to confidently make the decision to open my private therapy practice and almost immediately sign up 8 new clients. I also started working on a long-held dream with my husband to move to a warmer climate. Cynthia continues to help me grow on a personal level, as a clinician, and as a businesswoman. Mil gracias!" 

Jessica Rios-Flores

Noelia de la Cruz.jpg

"Working with Cynthia has been life-changing. She has really empowered me to develop a deeper sense of self-worth. I appreciate her work around understanding the societal factors that have oppressed women of color, and I’ve been enlightened to the ways they’ve affected me in my own life. Working with Cynthia is about moving forward, and pushing past barriers both internal and external. She equips me with the tools to visualize and achieve my goals with effective, impactful results. I leave every session feeling that true success and fulfillment are within my reach. Thank you."

Noelia de la Cruz


"I would call her a miracle worker! I think its important to say that Cynthia is really the guidance that creates an awareness for us. Attracting what we want is entirely in our capacity, but we are often so clouded by fear, and past conditioning that we overlook solutions, and do not take chances. Cynthia really removes those barriers, she creates ways to overcome the fear, anxiety, and old stories, and reinforces that we are here to receive everything we’ve dreamed of."

Raquel Carrasquillo

Sarah Lovett's Photo.JPG

Sarah Lovett

"My experience working with Cynthia has been full of support, success, and clarity. I reached out to find a new therapist during a time of struggles impacted by the pandemic, when I was experiencing heightened anxiety and an underlying feeling of being lost and isolated. I had an instant feeling of being understood, supported, and excited about working with Cynthia. Together, we were able to address what was causing anxiety, and to identify goals to work towards together. After a few short months, I can say that Cynthia and I checked all of these boxes, and I was feeling uplifted and confident. We spent time addressing struggles that I had at work as a therapist myself, and Cynthia provided insight and perspective that I could not see alone. We also addressed personal issues in my romantic and social life, which now I feel much more clarity and success with! I loved how dynamic our sessions were, with clear steps and actions as well as room to feel seen and heard, try meditation, and dive deep. At the end of each session, I felt more grounded and like I had gained new perspectives about myself and my environment. It was a truly healing and eye opening experience. I love Cynthia's approach, which feels comfortable, direct, and nurturing."

Sydney Gore.jpg

Sydney Gore

"When I initially contacted Cynthia three months ago, I was determined to figure out what was wrong with me—what she has done instead is show me what I'm doing right and how to nurture that growth. My healing process has been so restorative so far and I am feeling like the most authentic version of myself as I take back control, rebuild my confidence, and realign my values. As a newcomer to therapy, it was extremely important to me to have a therapist that was not only a woman of color, but specifically Afro-Latina so there would be a strong sense of familiarity with the experiences that I need to work through. So far, Cynthia has exceeded my expectations with her services—I am beyond grateful to have her as a supportive resource during such a transitional period in my life and I look forward to seeing all the progress that is made by the end of the calendar year. I learn something new about myself almost every session, and the mindful approaches that she has been teaching me are playing a major role in the grand journey of speaking and seeking truth. I feel grounded in who I am becoming and I wouldn't have arrived to this point without her guidance."


"When I feel like I'm in the dark about important life and career decisions, Cynthia directs me to the light. She allows me to step outside of myself and see what she recognizes; a strong, intelligent, more than capable woman. She doesn't just provide words of encouragement. She provides methods and strategies that help dismantle the systemic beliefs we have been conditioned to believe since birth. Working with her has helped me recognize how I can leverage my story and strengths in business and entrepreneurship."

Talia Concepcion

Victoria Muñoz-Lepore Photo (1).jpg

Victoria Muñoz-Lepore

"I started working with Cynthia in the middle of the pandemic, a time when I was feeling powerless, sad, lost, and emotionally flat. From our very first session, I felt completely seen, supported, and unjudged by her. She has supported me in seeing myself with clarity, compassion, and presence all while acknowledging the layers of oppression that we inherit and must navigate and heal in this life. She provides ongoing wisdom and structure to our work and encourages me to connect to my own wisdom as well. Since I began working with her, I have developed a morning practice of meditation and journaling and I have started to practice reframing and expanding my thinking in ways that question how I want to and can be more present in various situations and relationships. Through these practices, I have felt more empowered to show up for myself and the world with more authenticity and integrity and have begun to feel more connected to a divine and inner knowing and purpose."

A Yumi Yamsuan Photo.JPG

A. Yumi Yamsuan

"Working with Cynthia has been life changing! Cynthia has such a wonderful aura and presence which makes it very easy for me to speak to her about my work and personal problems. From a practical level, she's equipped me with tools to handle my day-to-day anxiety associated with my job and has helped me understand and address my underlying stress from a holistic perspective. Most importantly, she's really opened my mind to the interconnectedness and insidiousness of white supremacy and how it's the root of trauma for many women of color. I highly recommend working with Cynthia and am very grateful to have her with me on my journey." 



- Transform your life

- Achieve your goals

- Love your work

- Discover and clarify your purpose

- Live more joyously

Then you're in the right place!

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