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You have the right to reclaim your dreams!

Now, imagine this...Waking up every morning excited and motivated, ready to take on the world because you no longer let fear, or other’s people’s opinions, or any sort of discrimination stand in the way of your dreams.

Sounds nice, but how do you get there?
I can help you.

I'm Cynthia

and I'm here to support you to live your best life!

As a Holistic Therapist and Transformational Life Coach, I will work with you to:

- Make the changes you desire for your life

- Help you uncover your gifts and strengths

- Discover and clarify your purpose

- Learn how to live more joyously and with        greater peace

- Achieve your aspirations and goals

Because it's time to live life on your terms!

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My Offerings

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I can help you with




My Values & Approach

I’ve always believed that everyone should have access to mental wellness but found traditional psychotherapy models lacking in the ability to connect issues around spirituality, race, and culture. Through my own journey of healing my life from intergenerational trauma and racial trauma, I turned to practices that were steeped in the spiritual traditions of my African and Indigenous Ancestors.  


As a result, I evolved my psychotherapy training to one that acknowledges the connection between the mind, body, and spirit as well as incorporates a deeper understanding of racial and societal trauma as it impacts our mental well-being. 


I’ve been providing coaching and therapy services from what I would call an anti-oppressive model for many years. Recently, there’s been a huge push by many therapists to de-stigmatize mental health in our communities but to also “decolonize” therapy. This is particularly exciting to me as a Transformational Life Coach and Therapist that has never functioned or adhered to western models of coaching or therapy that pathologize people and dismiss systemic oppression and trauma as one of the root causes of our suffering. 


Instead, I will work with you to identify the underlying emotional, familial, and societal causes that may be keeping you from what you desire in your life, in your relationships, and in your work and business. I believe that connecting to your truth and living authentically is an integral part of wellness, so I will support you in your healing journey and guide you to reclaim your dreams and to build a life you’re excited to live. 



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"I am endlessly grateful for Cynthia's guidance. I could never have predicted how this year would unfold and without her, I might not have found the courage or the focus to make moves toward my life's desires during such an unpredictable and chaotic time for so many of us. Not only did she give me the tangible tools to create my own business, she also helped me uncover the gifts I have to offer and unpack harmful patterns that enabled me to stand in my own way for so long..."

- Alyssa Santos

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