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Is Your Dream Too Big? NEVER!

When I look back on my life and career as a Healer, the core of all of my work has always centered on liberation and supporting my clients to free themselves from these societal constructs that attempt to diminish who we are as individuals and keep us from being together in deep heart-centered community.
Undoubtedly, growing up in a home where domestic violence ruled drove me to seek an understanding of how the place that was supposed to be the safest, my home, was in fact riddled with oppression and emotional, physical, and psychological violence. The injustice I witnessed as my mother struggled through the volatile and explosive behavior of a man that was supposed to love us and protect us had an impactful and profound effect on me. At four years old, I knew this was unjust and wrong. I also knew, even then, that there had to be a better way.

As a teenager, I attempted to articulate my distress at the inequity I witnessed at home with my stepfather. But as most of you know there is no logical reasoning with an abuser. To no avail, my attempts could quickly turn dangerous because ultimately my stepfather would blame my mother and accuse her of trying to turn me and my sister against him. This was not true.
Looking back, I wish my mother had been able to be more vocal with me and my sister about the torturous way she was surviving in that relationship. But, she did what most women did in her day and what many still have to do today. She endured it, and never spoke badly about the man who repeatedly abused her.
All of my mother’s previous attempts to get help from the outside world including from her own family of men and law enforcement was met with the patriarchal stance of “stay in your place woman.” "Do not disrupt the status quo." "You must be doing something to deserve it." "Just be a good wife and he’ll stop abusing you." "Oh, and by the way, you made your bed so lie in it."
While I would never wish this upbringing on any soul, it ultimately led to my incurable need and mission-driven purpose for a just and equitable world. My deepest desire to see the eradication of racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism and all forms of oppression from our planet is at the core of what I do.
Can you see what I see in my vision of the world as a better place?
A planet where ALL people have access to the resources we all need to be happy, whole, fulfilled, joyful, and well taken care of. A world that is healed from oppression and injustice and where this colonial, patriarchal paradigm that has sent us backward as a human species is permanently erased.
Can you see it?

I can, and I believe we can make it happen. We can create a better way of being together as a species. We can take care of each other, our planet, and our resources. We can live harmoniously while respecting each other’s uniqueness. We can have a world that is peaceful and loving and accepting of the beauty of our differences. I see it every day. I feel it in my heart and in my bones.
I believe we can have paradise here on earth, not just for a few or some, but for EVERYONE!
I know we can do it by being truthful about the past and rectifying the historical and present-day injuries that have been inflicted on our generation and the many generations before us. I know we can heal ourselves and our planet through reconciliation, relearning, and remembering the divine greatness that exists in each and every one of us and all life on the planet. I know we can HEAL all of this.
Maybe some would consider my dream too big. After all, it hasn’t fully happened yet. But I believe it’s possible because I believe WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER!
I witness it every day with my clients who work on their own healing and who then go out and help others heal directly through their work but also in their personal lives and communities.can
I witnessed it at my last retreat in January with my amazing group of clients in Puerto Rico.
I witness it all the time because I keep my eyes and heart open for this to be everyone's reality.
I’m not saying it will be easy. Transformation is always accompanied by discomfort. Healing always travels closely with tending to our most precious and painful parts.
If you believe that we can heal ourselves individually and collectively and make this world a better place, then just keep following me. I have some juicy and beautiful ways we can keep doing this together.


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