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Heal up so you can level up

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

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I’ve noticed all this language on social media lately about leveling up your life. And, while I agree with the idea of always growing, I also know that most people will have trouble up-leveling if they haven’t done anything to work through the parts of their lives that are still wounded and need healing.

So, here are some quick tips you can use to start working through what needs to be healed.

1. **Journal** This incredibly powerful tool is known to relieve stress and can help you process feelings and thoughts. Taking the time to journal has been found to improve mental health because when it’s done properly, it allows you to make the connection between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Journaling has been found to boost well-being and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

2. **Love Yourself ** While this can seem obvious, many people find this hard to do. So, when they’re facing challenging opportunities, they don’t have the faith and belief they need to take that next-level opportunity. Loving yourself can start with simple acts like making a list of the things you appreciate about yourself.

3. **Seek Professional Support ** The days when seeing a helping professional meant something was wrong with you are long gone. It’s time to embrace the idea that we cannot do it all alone. When you’re in a state of suffering and self-doubt, it’s incredibly hard to see your way out of that state. A good therapist or coach will guide you to greater clarity and the ability to see more options in your life.

4. **Work on Forgiveness** Letting go of the past and forgiving yourself and others is probably one of the most challenging endeavors you will face. But, the act of letting go of anger and resentment is a huge step on the road to up-leveling your life. The benefits of forgiveness are vast and include an increased sense of happiness and compassion as well as restored positive thoughts and feelings.

5. **Join a Supportive Community** The bottom line is that we’re social creatures created to live in community and support each other. Trying to up-level your life in isolation keeps you from leveraging valuable resources that may exist in a community of like-minded dreamers and supporters. Joining a community also allows you to improve your personal and professional networks.

So, here’s to Healing Up, so, that leveling-up can be a more joyous ride!


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